A cup of coffee is largely considered to be a kick-starter to anyone’s day. For those that aren’t so convinced, there’s enough evidence out there to spread the word…

There have been several studies taking up the issue of coffee drinking in the workplace and the benefits it poses. A recent study has shed some light on the consumption of coffee. They said, two cups of coffee with a normal amount of caffeine, helps staff that might have an acute case of insomnia. This will aid them to confront any unscrupulous clout they might have to bear due to their condition.

In many scenarios, this has been the case where due to this insomnia; employers may coerce you to opt for the unethical reasons. They understand your condition and might take advantage of the condition. But a cup of coffee can help in resisting this domination.

The researchers have built a firm case keeping in the above mentioned research in their mind, the insomnia or the depravation of sleep can hinder the train of thoughts to the level that you may not actually think properly, depleted emotions, behaviours, and decremented sensing towards unethical activities.

They wanted volunteers for their study; they kept their volunteers awake all night to review their actions at morning. They were given 2 cups of caffeinated coffees which have the exact 200 milligrams of caffeine.

Both types of people were encouraged to lie to their bosses and employers to earn some extra money. The ones, who didn’t have any coffee, did really well in the lying portion compared to the ones that had two cups of coffee. The volunteers who had taken the caffeine were honest in their routine but the caffeine deprived ones really found it easy to play the game of deception with their bosses.

After the study was published and cited by many top rated authors, the researchers made several suggestions based on their research. These are as follows:

The coffee should be provided at the workplace by the employers.

Making comfortable hours for the employees

A place for napping during the intense work hours

A self-consciousness and awareness training sessions at the office


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