Coffee and work have a close reflection; coffee and work always go together. In actual fact, the average worker spends almost $1,092 on coffee every year.

Work without coffee is far less productive then work with coffee. There are many researches that how coffee can be productive for the employees at their workplace. So here are some points that researchers pointed out in recent studies…

Coffee helps you to increase your powers of perception.

If you ever thought that you feel more alert after having a cup coffee, then you are right about this because researchers at London School of hygiene and Tropical Medicine recently proven scientifically that coffee increase your alertness. Caffeine in the coffee increases your power of thinking, reasoning, attention and perception.

What Is The Right Time To Have A Cup Of Coffee?

If you are taking a cup of coffee right after getting up from bed between 8am to 9am, or you are having coffee at noon, or at 1pm as well as between 5.30pm to 6.30pm, then you’re making a mistake. Most of the people have spikes in their level of cortisol in these intervals which helps your body to extracts different minerals and in metabolism. So a dose of caffeine can decrease the level of cortisol which will not be good for your body. The best time to have coffee is between 9.30am to 11.30am, and if you wish to have a full day which should be full of energy then had another one between 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

Have a Break with Coworker and a Cup of Coffee

Recently a study showed that a cup of coffee while having a little chit chat with your colleagues increases productivity level. According to the study “giving employees a break at the same increase their productivity level and social circle as well which helps them to work in a better way and it also increase their satisfaction for the job”.

Stay Away From Coffee if you’re Stressed Out.

If you had a bad day at your workplace and you are feeling stressed then coffee will not be good for you. Because a study at Duke University Medical Center has shown that caffeine in the coffee can increase your blood pressure adrenaline levels. So if you are stressed out then find some other to get relaxed.


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