In my workplace, coffee builds rapport. When someone goes for a coffee run they collect everyone’s orders, trying to remember ‘who ordered which coffee’ (mine’s a long black with a dash of cold milk). The runner returns like the village medicine man, bestowing specialised elixirs to the ailing people.

Boutique Coffee @ Work and their Quality German Made Super Automatic Coffee Machines take away the need for a coffee runner, creating an environment where coffee is low cost, top quality, and more social.

Everyone loves a pick-me-up at work, but is all this coffee drinking actually doing us good?

To test the cognitive benefits of drinking coffee, a 2013 study tested the effects of caffeinated coffee on 150 rats. The rats were divided into 5 groups, each consuming varied amounts of coffee. They performed tests like walking on a balance rod, running up an incline and running on a motorised wheel (rats do possess a limited, running-based skill set) to measure their balance, stamina and coordination etc.

The results showed that the rats on the highest doses of coffee were performing better on almost all the tests, especially the aged rats. Other benefits like memory and social recognition also showed improvement.

What does this mean for the work place? Moderate coffee consumption markedly improves motor and cognitive skills, while stimulating the reward centres in the brain. While it might not be all you need to get that lengthy report done overnight, it could help you pay extra attention during meeting the next morning, at the very least.

Chatting around the Coffee Machine

It doesn’t quite work to extrapolate evidence of human social behaviour from rats drinking coffee in little glass boxes, but coffee does have social benefits. Taking a ten to fifteen minute coffee break with co-workers, what psychologist Suzy Green calls a “micro-break”, is essential to work performance. Green talks about the benefits of having time to let your mind wander, as so many of us have our best ideas when we’re having “down-time”.

Taking the time to chat with co-workers, swap ideas and seek help for problems, is massively important in any workplace or institution because it keeps co-workers happy to work. Boutique Coffee @ Work’s ingenuity allows the “water-cooler effect” to take place around a coffee machine. Workers can congregate as they wait their turn for a hot cup, enjoying one another’s company and letting the rewarding effects of coffee kick in, before heading back to the desk.


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