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Are your workers always making runs to the local coffee shop? Would you rather they brewed coffee in the office? If you want to fix a situation like this, then you need to provide your employees with a better coffee solution. At Boutique Coffee at Work, we provide the best office coffee machines available in Keilor Lodge, VIC. Our coffee is just as good, if not better than the drinks you get at a local cafe. When our coffee is made available to your workers, they will have no reason to leave the office!

Every office needs a cafe machine that makes a variety of hot drinks. That’s what we provide here at Boutique Coffee at Work. When you do business with us, we will install the coffee maker of your choice inside your workplace. Everything is provided. Instead of being tied down to a contract, we simply charge on a per cup basis. This makes it easier for you to budget your company coffee.

At Boutique Coffee at Work, our office coffee machines are popular with businesses of all sizes. We offer different models, which vary based on how many cups a day you need to brew. Our technicians will always make sure your coffee maker is in great shape. We service and clean everything ourselves, so there is no upkeep for you! We make it simple to enjoy great coffee while on the clock.

If your office is missing a commercial grade cafe machine, then you need to contact Boutique Coffee at Work. We are located in Keilor Lodge, VIC, and it’s our mission to make sure every office place in the area has great tasting and fresh coffee available to their employees. Be sure to check out to see the different machines and plans that we have. Imagine being able to sip on a cup of hot, freshly prepared coffee whenever you want at work. Your employees are sure to love this new perk! Call us soon to get started.


Call Now! for the best Coffee Machine Equipment  and Service in Melbourne. Provide your staff and visitors with Great Tasting high quality Coffee.  

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