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Are you always brewing another pot of coffee at work? Does it usually go stale before it is finished? Would you like fresh coffee all day? If this sounds like you, then it’s time to consider a coffee machine rental Melbourne. Here at Boutique Coffee at Work, we provide companies all over Keilor Lodge, VIC with the highest quality coffee makers available. We are the number one coffee service in town, and it’s our mission to make sure all of our clients are able to brew hot, fresh coffee whenever they like.

There’s nothing worse than old coffee in a pot. That’s why at Boutique Coffee at Work, we let our clients make their coffee on demand. Every cup is brewed by pressing a button. The coffee, water, and milk are all measured out beforehand. There’s no easier way to make coffee at work. Our coffee machines Melbourne have become very popular with all types of businesses in the area.

Here at Boutique Coffee at Work, we offer a unique coffee machine rental Melbourne. Since you don’t buy the machine from us, we take full responsibility for keeping it running. You can call out our technicians at any time to look over the machine. Our rates are very fair, and your employees will appreciate having fresh coffee at work.

If you have been trying to decide between different coffee machines Melbourne for your office, then we hope to hear from you soon at Boutique Coffee at Work. Come find out why our coffee service is already the most recommended in Keilor Lodge, VIC. To see some examples of the different coffees you can brew with our machines, visit While you’re there, be sure to browse the different machine options we have. Every office, no matter how big or small, can benefit from our unbeatable coffee service. Contact us right away if you want better tasting coffee in your workplace.


Call Now! for the best Coffee Machine Equipment  and Service in Melbourne. Provide your staff and visitors with Great Tasting high quality Coffee.  

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