Cheap Coffee Machines & High End Coffee Makers

Are you a fan of hot coffee while you’re working? Would you like your employees to have access to better coffee? If these questions caught your attention, then we want to offer you a solution. At Boutique Coffee at Work, we are known for our cheap coffee machines. The machines are commercial grade, so you will not have to choose between cheap and quality. Many of our clients are located in Keilor Lodge, VIC, and they know how great our coffee tastes. When you use one of our high-end coffee makers, you never have to worry about your employees taking extra time on their break to stop by a cafe. Instead, they’ll be able to brew their favorite coffeehouse treats in the break room.

Many business owners think that installing a commercial coffee maker will cost too much money. That’s not true at all. Here at Boutique Coffee at Work, we offer cheap coffee machines that will easily fit in your budget. Even though our prices are affordable, our coffee always tastes amazing. You’ll be amazed by the quality of the coffee you will be able to brew.

Here at Boutique Coffee at Work, we keep our prices low for our customers. Depending on the type of service you pay for, most customers only pay for the cups they actually brew. We retain ownership of every coffee machine, and it’s up to us to keep them in working condition. We value our customers!

We only bring high-end coffee makers to our clients in Keilor Lodge, VIC. Come discover why Boutique Coffee at Work is the leading name in office coffee breaks. We encourage you to head over to to see photos of the commercial quality coffee machines we offer. You never have to worry about a thing. Our technicians will regularly service your machine, so the coffee will always taste great. If you work in an environment that’s filled with coffee drinkers, then our service is the perfect solution. Call us if you want to get a quote on our coffee service.


Call Now! for the best Coffee Machine Equipment  and Service in Melbourne. Provide your staff and visitors with Great Tasting high quality Coffee.  

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