Cappuccino Machines Melbourne & Automatic Coffee Machines Melbourne

Do you enjoy a frothy cappuccino every morning before work? Do you wish you could drink another one at the office? If so, then we have good news for you. Boutique Coffee at Work is the highest rated coffee service in Keilor Lodge, VIC. We provide automatic coffee machines Melbourne to small businesses and large corporations throughout the region. Instead of having plain, boring coffee, we make it possible to drink your favorite cafe beverages at work. 

Workers appreciate their job more if they get added perks. At Boutique Coffee at Work, we understand the importance of an office coffee machine. However, we also want everyone to drink gourmet coffee. That’s why we provide cappuccino machines Melbourne to many companies. Instead of having your workers always going to a local cafe for an espresso, they can brew their favorite concoction in the break room. Your workers are sure to be more productive after their coffee!

The cappuccino machines Melbourne we rent at Boutique Coffee at Work are of the highest quality. While you use our renowned service, you can always count on us to keep your machine in great shape. We take care of everything for you. Our coffee machine rental rates are the lowest in town, but our coffee is guaranteed to be the best you’ve ever tasted.

If your office wants to rent a few automatic coffee machines Melbourne, then it’s time to reach out to Boutique Coffee at Work for more information. Our machines are already being put to good use in many offices in Keilor Lodge, VIC. We’re ready to install a machine in your office too! Your workers will thank you later. Spare a few minutes and browse to find out what makes our coffee service better than the rest. From gourmet selections to fair, affordable pricing, we’re confident we will become your go-to coffee service. Contact us right away to reserve one of our coffee machines for your office.


Call Now! for the best Coffee Machine Equipment  and Service in Melbourne. Provide your staff and visitors with Great Tasting high quality Coffee.  

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